What Not to Do When Changing Your Own Oil

Changing your oil engine oil can be easy, not to mention inexpensive and convenient. However, many people make some miscalculations and mistakes when changing their engine oil that can be expensive - and unsafe. Here are some common mistakes that people make when changing their engine oil that you should avoid:

No Parking Brake

It is absolutely essential that you engage your parking brake when changing your engine oil. Make sure that your car is parked on level ground away from major traffic. One slip-up and your car could fall and crush you!

Improper Distance During Draining

In many cases, the oil that you drain from the engine will be hot. Therefore, it is important to maintain a safe distance from the draining oil. This means that you should not put your face directly under the oil as it drains. You should also be careful to not let the oil splash onto you as it drains into the oil pan.

Draining into Plastic

Many people try to drain their oil directly into plastic containers, such as empty water bottles. They know that they will need to have sealed containers to transport the oil to a safe disposal. However, remember that the engine oil may be hot. Therefore, draining it directly into a plastic container may melt the container and cause major problems. Always drain the oil into a metal container - or at least a container that will not melt. Once the oil has cooled, you can transfer it to a plastic bottle for disposing.

Forgetting to Add New Oil

It may seem obvious to many people that after you drain the oil from your engine, you should add new oil. However, many people forget to actually add the new oil after they drain the old oil. In order to avoid expensive engine damage, be sure that you add 4-5 quarts of new oil to your engine. Check your car's owner's manual for more information about what kind of oil your car takes.

Not Changing it Regularly

It is important to change your oil regularly so that the oil running through your engine is clean and well lubricated. Most people should change their oil about once every 3,000 miles (or about once every few months).

Contact us today for more information about how to change your oil or more tips for what NOT to do!

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